Export opportunities

It is our intention to create a standard which will find favour all over Europe, and maybe further afield.       The resulting export market will be worth billions of pounds to the UK economy.

Kick-starting smart grid

As older power stations close and our generating capacity is in danger of being over-stretched, smart grid could provide and important part of the solution to our electrical infrastructure challenges.       The next generation of green energy technologies will involve the ability to control devices within the home to take advantage of cheap energy when it’s available, and to load-shed when peak demand is exceeding generating capacity.
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OpenDCU is important to national government

the digital consumer unit

OpenDCU cures market failure

The market for Smart Home equipment is stalled because of lack of consumer confidence in the direction technology is taking. This uncertainty is also reducing entrepreneurial activity in the Smart Homes/Future Cities arena.       Creating and promoting a clear direction for the smart home market will make it attractive to entrepreneurs to start to invest. We have the opportunity to build on our expertise to create a world-leading industry.

OpenDCU addresses many government


Not only does the OpenDCU unlock entrepreneurial investment, but it also lowers the cost of addressing a number of other priorities, including: Smart grid infrastructure Encouraging use of public transport E-inclusion Tele-health and telecare

What can I do to help?

The OpenDCU project is looking for funding support to progress its work. Funding could be provided for specific aspects of our work (for example demonstration of an aspect of the system such as energy display), for proof of concept general demonstrators, or to support the overall project. Further detail of the ”The need for an open standard for digital home gateways”      can be found in this white paper (pdf download).