Ending market failure

The market for Smart Home equipment is stalled because of lack of consumer confidence in the direction technology is taking. This uncertainty is also reducing entrepreneurial activity in the Smart Homes/Future Cities arena.       Creating and promoting a clear direction for the smart home market will make it attractive to entrepreneurs to start to invest. We have the opportunity to build on our expertise to create a world-leading industry.

Export opportunities

It is our intention to create a standard which will find favour all over Europe, and maybe further afield.       The resulting export market will be worth billions of pounds to the UK economy.
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OpenDCU creates entrepreneurial ecosystems

the digital consumer unit
The OpenDCU creates three completely new entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A market for sensors and actuators

Firstly, there is the the possibility of developing compatible sensors and actuators: everything from doorbells to complete central heating systems.       The “processing resource” in the DCU can run helper modules to support sensors and actuators, allowing you to design simple devices with little local intelligence, and thus the lowest possible power consumption.

A market for add-in applications

Secondly, there is wide scope to create applications which add value to the house’s systems.       Some applications will be needed to run basic systems such as heating or lighting control. Others may extend the basic function; for example by linking the heating to your on-line calendar. Yet others will add new facilities to the basic infrastructure (my favourite example is an app which flashes all the lights every time your favourite football team scores a goal).      Another category of apps is those that uses the smart display to provide useful information such as a customised bus timetable, traffic data for your usual routes, or reminders for bin collection days.

A market for home management services

Finally, there is also a market for home maintenance and management services. The open nature of the architecture is intended to allow easy transfer of system management from one service provider to another. In fact, it should be as easy as transferring any other utility from one supplier to another. It also facilitates managing back-up and restore, allowing low-cost maintenance services to be offered.