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On the contrary. Automating homes has much greater potential for carbon savings than attempting to change consumer behaviour.       Apart from anything else, running a home at optimum efficiency is getting more and more complicated. Should you run your washing machine during the day, when your solar panels are working, or at night, when the base load of nuclear generation is producing low- carbon electricity? The DCU can be programmed to make such decisions for you, saving money and carbon.

OpenDCU makes green technology cheaper

There are several reasons why the OpenDCU will reduce the costs, and carbon footprint of smart homes. Higher product volumes reduce prices (typically by 20% for every doubling of volume) The DCU potentially replaces the control boxes of several other systems, reducing the number of power supplies, and the waste electronics. The DCU lowers the cost of adding additional carbon-saving technologies such as advanced heating controls

OpenDCU increases energy awareness

The OpenDCU can host applications which report energy usage (thus avoiding the need for a separate energy display). Importantly, because the system has other uses, it is easier to encourage people to keep referring to it on a long- term basis.

OpenDCU prevents waste electronics

By creating a stable standard for the “control box” of smart homes, the churn of digital devices will be reduced. At the moment, every time you change broadband supplier, for example, you are likely to be send a new home hub, and the old one will be thrown away. Anything that can be done to reduce this waste has got to be a good thing.

OpenDCU promotes public transport

The smart display can easily display customised transport information. It is to be hoped that this will encourage some people to switch to using public transport, but even if it just post traffic information to encourage more efficient use of private transport (by avoiding traffic jams, for example), there will still be  green win.

Why do we need the

OpenDCU standard?

A clear market direction is key to getting significant uptake of the technology. Strong public-sector leadership in promoting a standard will maximise the potential for green savings.
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OpenDCU speeds deployment of green technology

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