Why is the DCU important?

I’m in central government

The market for Smart Home equipment is stalled because of lack of consumer confidence in the direction technology is taking. This uncertainty is also reducing entrepreneurial activity in the Smart Homes/Future Cities arena. [more...]

I’m in local government

The OpenDCU provides a the perfect cost-effective framework for the delivery of the full range of digital services, from transport information to telecare. At an estimated cost of less than £200/household, including the broadband infrastructure, It provides a real opportunity to create a totally connected city. [more...]

I’m an entrepreneur

The OpenDCU creates three completely new entrepreneurial ecosystems. Firstly, there is the the possibility of developing compatible sensors and actuators: everything from doorbells to complete central heating systems. Secondly, there is wide scope to create applications which add value to the house’s systems. [more...]

I’m an environmentalist

The OpenDCU project is important in a number of ways. Firstly, it will provide an important route to market for information systems such as individually customised public transport, or energy consumption display. But more importantly, it will provide a low-cost way to add intelligent energy-saving controls for heating and lighting. [more...]
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