2012-10-15: Website


This website is a placeholder until we find a little more funding and/or time to set up a more comprehensive offering. Bear with us!

OpenDCU News

2013-01-14: Pivotal Tracker set up

We’ve set up two projects using the wonderful Pivotal Tracker tool: one for Technical items and another for Marketing and similar issues. Not many stories on there right now, but watch this space... The current state of these projects is readable everyone; anyone who wants to get involved in the development work is welcome to apply to me for more access permission. I’d like to say a big thank-you to the Government Digital Service for making me aware of Pivotal Tracker. Their excellent blogging on the tools they use for agile project management is a great resource. Keep up the good work guys!

2012-12-18: Derby City Council supports OpenDCU

Thank you to Derby City Council for their support for the OpenDCU initiative.

2012-12-11: Discussion Forum Launched

A new discussion forum has been added to this website. It can be accessed directly at forum.OpenDCU.org. The Forum is based on the Django/Askbot project, whose work is gratefully acknowledged.

2012-11-21: Bacronym change (or not... :)

By popular demand, the meaning of “DCU” has been changed from “Digital Consumer Unit” to Digital Control Unit”. The original name was chosen to be immediately understood by the construction industry, who have for many years used the term “Consumer Unit” to refer to the electrical distribution box. Since the DCU is now a more generally used term, it seemed appropriate to use a more generally accessible name. Update: Some people have expressed fondness for the old name... it’s not to late to change back. Let me know what you think. Update 2: It has been agreed that the original name should be reinstated; the phrase “Digital Consumer Unit”  is now appearing in many places. It has been pointed out that an interpretation as “a unit for digital consumers” is not at all techie.
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