Selection of wireless

technology for control

The biggest unknown in the OpenDCU spec is the correct choice of control wireless technology. None of the current so- called front runners (Zigbee, Z- Wave, 6LoPan, EnOcean, etc) seem ideal.       We very much want to pick just one technology, to minimise DCU cost, maximise cost savings from volume manufacturing and minimise complexity.

Specification of

Smart Display

Whilst many people will prefer to interact with the OpenDCU using a smartphone or web browser, a standardised wall-mounted touch- sensitive display is important as a base-level interface, and as a starting point for accessible interfaces.      We expect the device to be a variation on a fairly standard Android tablet, but detail needs to be fleshed out.
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Website & Twitter


The current “stock” look of our web presence certainly needs to be upgraded. And all the pictures need to be replaced as part of that work.       We also need a wiki and a blog added to the website, to make it easier to debate development issues.       Anyone who wants to help with this can get in touch with us at

Current projects under the OpenDCU umbrella

The OpenDCU is at an early stage of development. Here are some of the current

research focuses.

Why not get involved and help to move the project forward? The OpenDCU discussion forum is where current activity is centred. The live version of the Draft Standard is also available, as a set of Google Drive documents.